Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads

Connect, engage and sell with Twitter Ads.

Twitter is unique in many ways when compared to other social media platforms. You need to take advantage of it as an advertising tool by working with a team that understands exactly how it’s unique. 

Twitter remains one of the most valuable social media platforms from a marketer’s perspective. It boasts approximately 145 million monetizable daily active users worldwide. 

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Types Of Ads

Our Twitter Advertising Process

Discussion & Research

At Taktical, we want to understand your brand, your goals, and your past marketing campaigns from the start. This is key to developing an optimal Twitter ad campaign. That’s why we begin the process of planning one with thorough discussions and research.


Developing the actual ads and campaign content is the next step. Once we have a bulletproof strategy in place, we get to work implementing it.

Monitoring Your Twitter Ads

We develop strategies that succeed. However, with Twitter ad campaigns, there’s always room for potential improvement. We look for ways to maximize your ROI by monitoring your Twitter ads’ performance to find out which ads and strategies are most effective.

Refining Your Twitter Campaign

Based on what we learn from monitoring your Twitter ads, we adjust the campaign in whatever manner is necessary.

Reporting Data

We don’t keep our clients out of the loop when we run their Twitter advertising campaigns. We share all relevant data, helping you thoroughly understand how your company has benefited from partnering with Taktical.

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Additional benefits of launching a marketing campaign
on Twitter include the following

Reaching All Audiences

You might think that, because Facebook has more users overall than Twitter, you’re better off devoting the resources you would reserve for a Twitter campaign to your Facebook campaigns as well.

Being Discovered

Surveys reveal 79% of Twitter users like using the platform to discover “what’s new.” This is why Twitter is sometimes referred to as “the number one platform for discovery.”

Making the Impression

Surveys show that consumers (particularly young consumers) are becoming increasingly annoyed with branded marketing content intruding on certain areas of their lives

Getting a Growing Trend

Twitter reported that ad engagement rose by 23% in Q3 of 2019. This trend of increased engagement appears to be continuing.

Boosting Engagement

Research indicates the average Twitter user will engage with a Twitter ad 26% longer than they typically will on other social media platforms.

Reaching Active Buyers

53% of Twitter users are the types of people more likely than others to buy new products soon after they’re released. Additionally, statistics show that 80% of Twitter users qualify as “affluent millennials.”

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